Brevi Presto - Fuschia

Brevi 2016 Collection has been launched!

Introducing the off-road Brevi Presto and a new colour palette for the Marathon and Ovo Premium ranges alongside the opportunity to design your own 'Slex Evo' high chair.

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Brevi Presto

Brevi Presto - Fuschia

Introducing the 2016 'Brevi Presto', perfect for off-road and city walks.

The 'Brevi Presto' is highly agile, narrow and super-lightweight featuring new off-road air wheels perfect for manoeuvring through the intense winter season and small spaces. The rapid folding mechanism allows easy use and compact storage. Available in glorious 'Fuschia' to understated 'Midnight Blue'

New Marathon Palette

Brevi Marathon Buggy Lightweight - Blue Sky

The Brevi Marathon Buggy Lightweight is ready to handle any terrain. Ideal for avoiding obstacles in the city. Lockable wheels will handle uneven and off-road terrain smoothly. Entailing a highly compact, quick and easy folding mechanism.

The 2016 Brevi Marathon Buggy Lightweight has been energised with a refreshingly bright and classic palette, from the cheerful 'Blue Sky' to the sophisticated 'Grey Star' to the vibrant 'Fuschia.'

New Ovo Premium Palette

Ovo Premium - Marine

Brevi's Ovo Premium 3 in 1 is known for its numerous combinations, helpful features, and variety of settings. Easy handling and a secure ride ensured on all terrains.

The 2016 Ovo Premium range has been revamped with a sophisticated yet striking colour palette, from the deep sea 'Marine' to the refined 'Taupe'.

Slex Evo

Brevi Slex Evo Highchair

Design Your Own

Evo is Italian for time, a high chair which grows with your child alongside time. The international award winning 'Slex Evo' is a comfortable and modern high chair. The impressive and timeless 'Slex Evo' features a multi-adjustable seat and height with an ergonomic chair. Ranging from 46cm to 75.5cm and a 21 position footrest. Standard models come with a backrest, safety harness, and front rail.

New Palette & Prints

  • A bright and fresh colour palette from 'Pumpkin Orange' to 'Powder Blue.'
  • Customise with over 50 options, 7 kits available for the backrest and placemat to coordinate with your home's décor.

Special Edition


  • Comprehensive variety of accessories
  • Comfortable and practical to use from birth.
  • High safety standard, robust and stable model.

Brevi Ovo Premium 3 in 1 - Melange Grey

Overall the 2016 Brevi Collection will ensure your baby can travel smoothly on any terrain whilst remaining stylish, sophisticated and bright. The 'Slex Evo' is the perfect fit for any modern kitchen whilst growing comfortably with your child.