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Bayer Design

Bayer Design Dolls Prams

Bayer Design doll strollers impress above all with the way their features and designs are so closely modelled on their larger counterparts, and the way this is evident in each lovingly-made detail. Compact, robust, and yet extremely flexible and versatile, these doll strollers have numerous possibilities for adjustment of all of their functional parts. They adapt to your growing child, and always feature a lively, child-friendly design. Thanks to all of their high quality features, the proud ‘doll mother’ who owns a Bayer Design doll stroller will easily be the admired, envied trend-setter of her playgroup or playground clique.

Price from 19.80 € - 86.80 €
Last Modified: 20 July 2018
  1. Dolls Prams (45)
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Product type
  1. Doll Strollers(45)
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Doll's Pram Min. height of handlebar
  1. Up to 49cm(28)
  2. 50 - 59cm(12)
  3. From 60cm(2)
Doll's Pram Max. height of handlebar
  1. Up to 59cm(10)
  2. 60 - 69cm(19)
  3. 70 - 79cm(14)
Features Doll Strollers
  1. Adjustable back rest(3)
  2. Interchangeable seating attachments(3)
  3. With safety belt(22)
  4. Adjustable foot rest(11)
  5. Height-adjustable handle(31)
  6. Foldable(45)