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Baby Prams

Baby Prams

Baby prams, which you can use from the day your baby is born, vary greatly. As they are the direct descendant of the very first pram ever made, the prams you see in stores today fulfill the most basic of functions: they contain a comfortable bed area for the baby to lie in, a handy storage basket or net underneath, and, in most cases, an adjustable handlebar. On lie-flat buggies, the backrest can be reclined all the way back into a horizontal position. This can be used as an alternative to a classic pram if you also use an additional carrycot or accessory basket. Such combi-prams and travel systems can be used from birth. Most combi-prams have a detachable carrybag for this purpose, and travel systems have a detatchable baby seat which can be attached to the frame when needed.

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Last Modified: 17 July 2018

Buying Guide Baby Pram

1. Baby pram - the specialist for newborns

The term "baby pram" has a double meaning: it indicates that the first prams invented had the shape of today's baby prams, and it is the specialist among the prams for safe and age-appropriate transport of newborns and babies. This type of pram is not an all-rounder, but a specialist, and it has been experiencing a true revival among modern parents.

Klassische Kinderwagen

2. A brief history of the baby pram

The baby pram is allegedly the invention of a carpenter who wanted a way of transporting his own child. But the first serial-produced prams did not appear until the 19th century. The baby pram's victory tour of the world started in England and then began to conquer the whole of Europe. The baby pram from the early 20th century consists of a basket attached to a chassis with four large wheels. The modern prams in baby style are still based on this fundamental principle, even today.

3. Baby pram - the right time to buy

As the baby pram is a specialist for taking newborns and babies out and about, the period of use is limited to six to nine months. It's a good idea to have the first pram ready when your baby is born, to make full use of the relatively short period of use. The important thing to remember is to factor in delivery times - otherwise your child may arrive before the first pram.

4. First pram - advantages at a glance

As the baby pram is a specialist, it takes the special requirements of small babies and their parents into account in its entire concept: It is a pram which offers babies the greatest possible comfort. This includes above all the usually very spacious interior where your baby can lie comfortably. Plus the carrycots of most prams feature rigid, tall sides. This provides safety and cosy comfort for the little passenger.

The mattress of a first baby pram can also be perfectly adapted to the needs of a baby. The canopy is attached to the carrycot and offers perfect protection from wind and weather. Plus baby prams are very sturdy and comfortable to push. The shopping basket or net also usually offer plenty of storage space.

5. Prams in baby style - what to watch out for

The pram in baby style is now available in different designs: For example, you can get retro prams which look like a pram from "the good old days". These have features such as whitewall tyres, chrome rims or a wicker shopping basket. Yet these modern prams in retro style offer all the comfort of modern pram technology, such as the latest brake technology, high-quality suspension and UV protection, plus water repellent materials.

But even friends of modern design will find a first baby pram to suit their taste: Some manufacturers are specialising in baby prams with a trendy design. When buying a baby pram, you should remember that additional size and stability usually goes hand in hand with a comparatively high weight. So you need to make sure that the pram you choose will fit into the boot of your car. And it's a good idea to have a place where you can keep the pram in your house, without having to climb up too many steps or stairs.

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