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Baby Jogger

Baby Jogger Prams + Strollers

The brand Baby Jogger stands primarily for innovative, visually appealing and highly functional pushchairs, buggies and high-quality accessories. This company has been among the market leaders for the last 25 years wherever it comes to modern solutions for durable, up-to-date pushchair and buggy products that guarantee unique driving comfort on any terrain and for any length of trip.

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Last Modified: 7 August 2018

Baby Jogger

Innovation, quality and security

Want to stay fit now you have a child? Baby Jogger solved this problem for many young parents with the revolutionary launch of their first pram in 1984. This sporty, three-wheeled Baby Jogger pram makes it possible to maintain a workout schedule with your child in tow. Since then, the US-American company has developed a vast range of models alongside its sporty joggers, all of which are perfectly tailored to the needs of active families. These all-rounders are reliable, practical companions to have by your side in any situation during daily life, and impress with their top-class functionality as well as their sporty designs.

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With a Baby Jogger pram, you can be sure you’re prepared for any situation. Several of this quality brand’s models are suitable for use from your baby’s birth. Their well-padded backrests recline into a full sleeping position, offering a comfortable sleeping space for your little one. All Baby Jogger prams and buggies stand out for their extremely easy handling, high functionality and outstanding design. The ultra-light frames fold compactly thanks to the patented Quick-Fold technology, making them super-easy to store.

The sporty three-wheeled jogger is sure to make a good impression. It comes equipped with rotating air wheels, which can be set to a fixed position on uneven ground. The ergonomically formed handlebar is comfortable to grip, and makes pushing the pram nice and easy. Despite its light weight, it has a very stable frame with good suspension, making the Baby Jogger easy to drive over bumpy or stony ground. To prevent putting unnecessary strain on your baby’s spine, however, you should only take your child out jogging or inline-skating with you once they are able to sit up by themselves.

Pram accessories

The extensive Baby Jogger accessories allow you to enhance your pram however you see fit. Depending on the weather, you can attach either a rain cover or a mosquito net onto your pram to keep light rain or pesky mosquitos at bay. A snug footmuff will keep your child warm on cold days, and a practical bottle holder will ensure your water bottle is always easily accessible during your workout.

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