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Baby Carriers

Baby Carriers

Babies feels safe and cosy in any form of baby carrier – whether it's the baby sling, the front carrier or the back carrier. Here, they can stay warm and feel close to their parents, hear Mom's familiar heartbeat that they already know from before birth, and can smell the scent of Mom or Dad. At the same time, parents can take their babies anywhere in a baby carrier – at home during housework, when out walking or going to the shops. This prevents back strain and provides the ideal solution for enjoying life with your baby.

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Last Modified: 22 July 2018

Additional information

1. Almost like in Mum's tummy

Carrying babies is the most natural thing in the world – that's how babies are exactly where they love to be: as close as possible to mum and dad. Our ancestors used to carry their babies when they were still living in hordes and tribes and were constantly on the move looking for food or a new camp. Only over the last two hundred years, carrying baby became a bit unfashionable: first, rich people left the job of carrying babies to their wet nurses, later, the pram arrived. In recent years, carrying has become more popular again – with many advantages for babies and parents.

Baby Carriers

2. Many advantages for child and parents

Baby carriers have numerous advantages – both for children and parents. Here is a quick overview.

Advantages for the child:
Baby carriers offer comfort; the child can feel the parent's warmth and closeness and hear mum‘s or dad‘s heartbeat.
The special squat-spread position promotes healthy hip development.
The child can see the world from the grownup's perspective and be with you anywhere and anytime.
Baby carriers have a positive effect on bloating and three months old's colic and calms down excessively crying babies.
Advantages for parents:
You can enjoy greater mobiltiy and have both hands free for light housework or gardening.
Baby carriers require very little space and climbing stairs is no problem.
Fathers in particular benefit from carrying their baby in the baby carrier for closer bonding.

3. Front carrier, back carrier, sling

The range of available baby carriers is huge. Here is an overview of the different types of baby carriers.

Front carriers
With front carriers, parent and child can keep eye contact. Plus the head of small babies rests directly on mum’s or dad‘s heart.
Back carriers
These models offer maximum freedom of movement for parents. Plus back carriers are ideal for carrying larger and heavier children.
Front and back carriers
These combined models offer the greatest amount of flexibility. Generally, these carriers can be used from birth to far into the toddler stage.
Slings offer many different carrying positions and are the original variety of baby carrier. It's important to know how to use them properly - you can ask your midwife or join a course.

4. Checklist: What to watch out for when buying

Before buying a baby carrier, you should consider several questions. There are also quality criteria that a child carrier has to meet:

For what age is the baby carrier going to be used? Not all models are suitable for use from birth.
Does the baby carrier support the important spread-squat position that promotes healthy hip development?
Are the straps wide enough and softly padded?

5. It's all a question of planning: The right time to buy

The best time to buy a baby carrier depends on when you want to use it. If you want to use a baby carrier from birth, you should write it onto your list of baby essentials.

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