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Baby Bouncers

Baby Bouncers

The classic baby bouncer is a fabric seat on a frame over curved metal tubes. The baby's small movements make the bouncer seat rock gently. In a similar model, the child sits in a seat attached to the top of a metal frame and swings forwards and backwards. The basic version of this fun item is available with different features and accessories: with a toy bar, integrated loudspeakers, canopy or adjustable auto-swing settings. All models have straps to keep the child safely in place and protect him or her from falling out.

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Last Modified: 17 July 2018

Your shopping guide

1. A zone for small babies to play and relax

They can swing, bounce, make music, have toys, are the first activity centre and a playground and relaxing chair in one - we are talking about baby bouncers/swings. These very special items of furniture are perfectly adapted to the needs of babies and toddlers and offer an ideal opportunity of letting small children take part in everyday life. And regarding the myth that baby swings/bouncers are bad for baby's development, we can just say one thing: It's all a question of not overdoing it. If you choose a high-quality baby swing/bouncer and do not let your baby sit in it for hours on end, you will not be doing your baby any harm – on the contrary.

Baby Bouncers

2. Advantages for child and parents

With birth, life changes completely – that of course applies to the new parents. For the child who is now experiencing life outside of mum‘s tummy, this applies even more. Closeness, warmth and the familiar swinging motion that baby knows from inside the tummy can therefore calm the child down. That's why babies love being carried in your arms. While you are working around the house or during meal time, you can put your baby in the baby swing so he or she can be close by, enjoy the slight swinging or bouncing and you as parents have both hands free. And the baby swing/bouncer is also the perfect place for baby's first meal, lying down or sitting up. The baby swing/bouncer has the potential to become the undisputed favourite item of furniture for child and parents alike.

3. Great variety for any age

As babies and children appreciate the advantages of baby swings/bouncers equally, there is a large selection of swings available. There are baby swings for different age groups, with additional functions and special shapes of baby swings.

Bouncer and high chair
These models can be used as classic baby bouncer and as high chair. The 2-in-1 models offer parents and child a lot of comfort. The bouncer module is attached to a high chair frame so that the child is at the parent's eye level. Plus these models offer plenty of functions such as reclining, toy bars and music modules.
Baby swing
All children love swinging - even the smallest babies. Baby swings are baby bouncers that have a swing mode instead of or in addition to the bouncing mode. Some baby swings are set in motion by pushing them or by the child moving around, others have a motor.
Door bouncer
In this special form of baby bouncer, the child sits in a kind of seat attached to the ceiling via springy ropes. By pushing or the child moving, the door bouncer bounces up and down.
Activity centre toy bar
Here, all the little toys and stuffed animals attached to the activity center are bouncing and swinging. This promotes the child's motor and sensitivity skills.

4. What to watch out for when buying

Stability, sturdiness and quality – these are the three criteria a good baby swing/bouncer should meet. Plus you should select a bouncer that suits your own needs: if the baby bouncer is going to be used for tiny babies, you need to ensure it has a lie-flat mode and a suitable support for head and back. Newborn babies have fairly weak and undeveloped back and neck muscles. Otherwise, before you start checking which model appeals most to you in visual terms, you should make a checklist of how the baby bouncer is to be used.

5. When is the best time to buy?

Early. If the baby bouncer features a baby nest and lie-flat position, you can let your baby spend brief periods of time in it early on. From the age of three months, a baby bouncer is ideal for letting your child take part in daily life.

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