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Welcome to our International Pram Guide!

Our guide is here to help you find the ideal pram from the right nation for you, as each chapter covers the best selling brand and stroller, gives a briefing on their 2016 collection and other distinctive national brands which are available at

We've covered 13 nations and their most popular baby brands, from Germany to New Zealand.

 Chapter 1

1. Germany

Bavaria, Germany


Cybex Eternis M4 - Grape Juice Purple

"For all tomorrow’s people" - Cybex

Cybex is the top selling German brand on Founded in 2004, Cybex has become synonymous with babies, for all those fashionable and outgoing parents. The innovative brand consistently impresses it's independent testers with it's modern, safe, comfortable and practical models.

Featuring the popular and modern Cybex Car Seats with a double-walled side shock absorbers alongside the innovative L.S.P System and patented Cybex adjustable head support, to hold your baby's head in place as they sleep. At the core of Cybex is the 'CYBEX D.S.F. Innovation Principle', which aims to blend original design whilst reaching new levels of quality and safety alongside intelligent functionality. This principle has resulted in consistent success, such as award-winning pioneering car seats, such as the rear-facing Sirona and nine Red Dot Design Awards.

A brand with a fresh approach, with an undercurrent to challenge the establishment and status quo, in turn Cybex have become an industry leader in child safety and have cultivated a reputation as an innovative fashion and lifestyle brand. Cybex prams are a celebrity favourite, Cate Blanchett has joined the rising list of stars choosing Cybex as their trusted stroller, from Liv Tyler to Kiera Knightly to Rosamund Pike.

The 2014 merger between German Cybex with the China based, 'Goodbaby International Holdings Limited', ensured Cybex's future growth, as GoodBaby is an industry leader in setting global standards for innovation, safety, design and manufacturing.

“CYBEX’ is one of the most desirable and authentic lifestyle and safety brands for parents . . . In recent years, it has been one of the fastest growing brands in the global juvenile industry.” - GoodBaby International.

Best Seller - Balios M

Balios M - Autumn Gold

Available at

Cybex's 3 in 1 Balios M is effortlessly versatile and sleekly functional. The Balios M can be used as functional pushchair once your child is older. Featuring a fast and simple one-hand compact folding mechanism and lift-and-fold technique converts into a compact stand-alone position, in turn saving storage space. A graceful and comfortable choice, perfect for city life.

The Balios M comes in a captivatingly charming palette, created for an outgoing and spirited family, always looking on the brighter side of life. Blending the golden warmth of the October with Autumn Gold to the vibrant spring shades of pink and purple with Grape Juice to an exotic Indian summer with Hot and Spicy.

2016 Collection

The evolved Cybex Gold Edition entails the new colour palette and enhanced models, such as the Balios M, Iris M-Air, Eternis M4 and Agis M-Air4 alongside a charming new colour palette. Introducing the new Sirona M I-Size, formerly exclusive to the Platinum Edition, is now available in the Gold Edition from April 2016 at

German Brands

Germany have the most baby brands sold at

Knorr Baby
ABC Design
Chic 4 Baby

 Chapter 2

2. Netherlands

Amsterdam, Holland


Mutsy Exo - Silver Blue

Available at

#Simple Human Magic

Mutsy is the top selling Dutch brand on Since 1937, Mutsy has been assisting parents to balance their new roles by creating reliable, comfortable models which enhance mobility and make life easier.

The core principle of Mutsy since the start has been based on a three -framed chassis with personalised seating attached, be it a car seat, reclined cot or buggy-style seat.

Simple Human Magic is Mutsy's motto, “Bringing a new person into this big wide world . . is what makes us human.”( Since 1937, Mutsy has focused on creating “Simple human magic” by making parents lives more versatile, smoother, compact, comfortable and lighter.

Best Seller - Mutsy Evo Farmer

Mutsy Evo - Farmer Mist

Available at

Exuding an organic lifestyle with exquisite craftsmanship. Prime for city dwellers trying to find a peaceful countryside escape, far from hustle of their hectic urban lives.

The Farmer Evo entails thickly yarned simple pockets, natural tones in wool-like outer fabrics, organic cotton quilted liners, durable metal and deep brown leather accents. All pursuit of a timeless and traditional style.The Farmer Edition features the neutral 'Mist' and the warm basic 'Earth' tones, accented with new dark brown leather detailing.

2016 Collection

Mutsy's 2016 Collection entails their enhanced chassis design, the Farmer and Reflect Luxury editions and a new colour palette.

The Farmer Edition exudes an organic lifestyle with exquisite craftsmanship. Prime for city dwellers trying to find a peaceful countryside escape, far from hustle of their hectic urban lives.

The Reflect Edition is a showcase of luxury and athletics, influenced by innovative athletic fabrics with a dedication to comfort and safety. Mutsy’s #SimpleHumanMagic exemplifies superb craftmanship alongside a timelessly chic design.

Dutch Brands

Easy Walker

 Chapter 3

3. Italy

Cinque Terre, Italy


Cam Linea Classy Tris All In One - Crystals Beige

Available at

“My pushchair is just like a pizza, it's better if it's made in Italy.” - Cam

Cam is the top selling Italian brand on Established in 1969, Cam is regarded as one of the most important Italian baby brands, rooted in enterprising initiative and talent of the brothers, Mario, Aldo and Franco Rho. Cam have cultivated a global reputation for using their imagination, creativity and passion to create unique, lightweight, athletic and safe baby products.

Cam's consistent success is due to their limitless vision and mission “to look at the world through the eyes of a child.”(Cam) Cam translate this vision into innovative and multi-functional baby products thanks to the exceptional skill of world class Italian engineers, in turn making life safer and better for families across the globe.

Cam are known for the patented 'Via Vai System' and 'Quicky System' which enable easier stroller handling and versatility.

Cam are devoted to safety, to ensure children can have the ultimate freedom to express their inner selves fully and have fun whilst being secure. With 95% of Cam's range produced in Italy, it ensures their products are of a high quality, safety, design and innovation standard, as a result Cam is now symbol across the world of Italian excellence.

Best Seller - Cam Combi Family

Cam Combi Family - Grey

Available at

The new 3 in 1 Cam Combi Family travel system is the most popular Italian travel system at Cam Combi Family travel system entails a baby carry cot, buggy seat and the baby car seat 'Area zero +'.


- Included: foot cover, general cover for sun protection, rain cover, basket and nappy changing bag
- The foot cover and car seat cover combined make a warm winter blanket
- Aluminium frame with elliptical tubes
- Quicky System for easy detachment of carry cot and car seat from its frame
- Via Vai System Reverse for assembling the seats in different directions
- Freely spinning front wheels with on/off system
- Back wheels with universal brake on/off
- All wheels with ball bearings and shock absorbers
- Closes like an umbrella
- Covers detatchable and washable at 30 degrees
- Carry cot with adjustable back part (can be adjusted 4 ways) and swinging mechanism
- Can be used as transport in the car (with optional Cam Car Seat Area basis)
- Pushchair seating with comfortable footrests
- Backrest and footrests can be simultaneously adjusted 4 different ways
- 5-point safety belt
- Two possible directions: facing mum and dad (0-12 months), or facing forwards (12-36 months)
- Cover can be used as sun protection when desired
- Baby car seat with protection on either side
- Adjustable handle for the correct usage in the car, while out for a walk or as a baby's 'see -saw'.

2016 Collection

Cam's 2016 Collection has introduced new modular strollers, pushchairs and car seats.

New modular strollers
- Dinamico Up
- Fluido Orsibelli
- Fluido Amore Mio
- Fluido Bebè
- Fluido Stella
- The Minu Teddy
- Elegant Family
- Combi Family.

New pushchairs
- Mineutte
- Fluido Allegria
- Fletto

New Car Seats
- Regolo Isofix
- Regolo

Italian Brands

Peg Perego

 Chapter 4

4. Spain

Barcelona, Spain


Jane Nanuq XL - Orange

Available at

"Our commitment makes us unique" - Jane

Jané is the top selling Spanish brand on Established in 1932 in Barcelona by Manuel Jané Vidal. Manuel Jané Vidal first stroller was created for his son, which was then admired by his friends and then encouraged his to build more convenient fold up strollers. Jané has become a Spanish baby industry leader for over 75 years.

Jané prioritises child safety first, their research and development is focused on innovating to raise industry standards to enhance children's health and safety. Solidarity and consistent investment in research and community service are at the core of Jané, which is exemplified by their work on child passenger safety with the RACC and education programmes with UNICEF.

The Jané Crash Test Research Centre was opened in 2003, is one of the few technologically advanced laboratories committed to strict testing and regulations on child safety products.

The Jané models are tested by Jané engineers, then independently tested by the 'TNO Automotive Lab' and 'INIADA', who are known upholding the strictest accreditation system within Europe, ECE-R44/03.

“Jané conducts tests at high speeds according to the EURO-NCAP test protocol which is higher than the legally required safety standards.” -

Jané are devoted to creating revolutionary, distinctive and superior products, delivering the greatest performance and exclusive special features. Jane consistently produce durable and modern strollers built to last for the long run.

Best Seller - Jane Epic

Jane Epic Buggy - Red

Available at

The Epic from Jané is dynamic, athletic, compact and versatile. A best seller for those urban parents who intend to make statement. The Jane Epic is an urban, innovative and durable model thanks to its tubular aluminium chassis with high elasticity, in turn one of the lightest pushchairs on the market.

Epic's PU tyres are highly durable and shock absorbing. The rear wheels entail independent and long distance suspension. The Epic has been impeccably designed, upholding Jané's high standards of being lightweight, compact, having excellent suspension and handling, comfortable, a Pro-fix system within an original design.

2016 Collection

Introducing the Epic, Nanuq XL, Trider, Powertwin Pro Double strollers and the Montecarlo R1, Matrix Light and Strata Car Seats

Spanish Brands

Be Cool

 Chapter 5

5. United States of America

Manhattan, New York, USA

Baby Jogger®

Baby Jogger City Mini GT - Crimson Red

Available at

“The stroller that grows with your family” - Baby Jogger

Baby Jogger is the top selling American brand on Since 1984, Baby Jogger have been inspired by children to solve everyday issues with ingenious solutions, with parents in mind.

In 1984, Baby Jogger invented the first jogging stroller to help active parents keep jogging with their children. 30 years on, Baby Jogger have progressed beyond joggers, to accommodate 21st century ambitious parents who want to be more active and outgoing. Aiming to inspire more adventures, Baby Jogger strollers suit all terrains and levels of activity.

Baby Jogger has been market leading for 25 years, standing for innovative beauty and immense functionality to provide high quality travel systems. Known for guaranteed comfort and durability on long distances on any terrain. Baby Jogger is a sensation, from Oscar winning actress Halle Berry to Victoria's Secret supermodel Miranda Kerr to world class athlete, Roger Federer.

Baby Jogger was acquired by Newell Rubbermaid in 2015, aiming to solve more everyday issues with ingenious solutions.

Best Seller - Baby Jogger city select®

Baby Jogger Ciy Select - Charcoal Black

Available at

As one of the most versatile strollers on the market, the city select® is designed to grow with your family. The City Select is the only stroller you'll ever need, it transitions easily from a travel system to a pram, to single, double and triple stroller.

Baby Jogger's Fold™ technology allows the city select® to simply and compactly fold itself, with an easy snap latch which locks the stroller for storage and transportation.

The city select® will work for your family with over over 16 potential configurations, be it sibling, front or parent facing positioning, in turn enhance your baby's communication skills, build bonds and expand their world view with outside exploration. The multi-position seat and foot-well ensures your child is secure and comfortable to enjoy the ride.

Featuring UV 50+ sun protection, a peek-a-boo window with magnetic closure and multi-adjustable head rest. Avoid obstacles with the 8” lightweight front swivel wheels or lock for long distances. The city select® can handle all terrains with the 12” forever-air rear wheels. All controls are in reach thanks to the height adjustable telescopic handlebar and hand operated parking brake. The City Select becomes an instant travel system via the Car Seat Adapter and Bassinet Kit, custom for your child.

It's no wonder the city select® is a best seller on Prams net.

2016 Collection

Baby Jogger's 2016 Collection entails the new City Mini ZIP and Baby Jogger's first car seat and base, the city GO™.

The city mini ZIP is Baby Jogger's most slim and compact folding stroller but still full sized and fully-featured. The new city GO™ Car Seat and Base is easy to install, features a TaxiSafe™ belt path, a canopy and is travel system compatible.

American Brands

Safety 1st
Orbit Baby

 Chapter 6

6. New Zealand

New Zealand

Mountain Buggy

Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle - Marine Blue

Available at

"Life without limit” - Mountain Buggy

Mountain Buggy is the top selling New Zealand brand on Established in 1992, Mountain Buggy created the first all-terrain models, invented by father who needed an agile all-terrain stroller, the share the joy of New Zealand's mountain trails with his baby.

Since 1992, the Mountain Buggy engineers have consistently worked to evolve the platform, to stay ahead of the competition by creating innovative products, whilst staying true to the goal of enabling parents to live without limit on all terrains, from newborn to toddler.

“We are proud of our proven track record and perform rigorous testing to guarantee our precision engineering, tough frame structure and identify the most durable materials available.” - Mountain Buggy

Across industries throughout the world, the prestigious 'Red Dot Design Awards' are given to exceptionally high quality designs which stand out above the rest. Mountain Buggy have won twice.

True to the charismatic spirit of New Zealand, Mountain Buggy's entire award-winning range is due to their engineering rigour and meeting the demand for durability, simplicity, functionality and manoeuvrability. The perfect companion in both overcrowded urban cities and uneven rural country roads. Mountain Buggy is a triumph and favoured with Australians from Nicole Kidman to Naomi Watts.

“Engineered for the mountains, designed for the city” - Mountain Buggy

Best Seller - Mountain Buggy Duet 2.5

Mountain Buggy Duet 2.5 - Black

Available at

The highly durable, compact and functional Mountain Buggy Duet 2.5 is one of the smallest twin models on the market and boasts exceptional suspension and handling on all terrains.

Intelligently designed and engineered, the Mountain Buggy Duet 2.5 converts easily from a single buggy into a double side-by-side, with broad storage space and a narrow wheel base at just 63cm, making it just as wide as a single buggy.The Mountain Buggy Duet 2.5 can evolve into a combi or travel system with two compatible carry cots and car seats

2016 Collection

The 2016 Mountain Buggy Collection has introduced the new Luxury, Cosmopolitan Luxury, Urban Jungle, Terrain and +One Editions. Available at

New Zealand's Brands

Phil and Teds

 Chapter 7

7. United Kingdom

London, England, UK

Mamas and Papas

Mamas and Papas Armadillo - Ochre Yellow

Available at

"Designed for parents by parents." - Mamas and Papas

Mamas and Papas is the top selling British Brand on Mamas and Papas, a British family brand was founded in 1981 by Luisa and David Scacchetti. Mamas and Papas have grown confidently into a global brand and is now being influenced by their next generation's parenting experiences and delivering inspirational products to make life easier.

Since 1981, Mamas and Papas have been devoted to innovation and style to create a higher class of baby products, with parent's point of view at the core.

Mamas and Papas base all decisions off feedback from parents. As parents test all the products before being launched, so if its good enough for the, its good for you too.

Mamas and Papas only baby brand which thoroughly test all products in their own on-site UK accredited Test Lab, to ensure all of their products are safe and can handle everything you and your baby need.

Best Seller - Urbo 2

Urbo 2 - Rose Gold Edition

Available at

The Urbo 2 is ideal for urban young parents, looking for simplicity, versatility and high quality. Available in a variety of colours, from the limited edition Rose Gold to Chestnut.

An exquisite phenomenon, inspired by the latest trends in technology and fashion. This deluxe edition is exclusive to Mamas and Papas, entailing the chrome chassis in radiant rose gold alongside the salient black matte fabric and luxury detailing. A quilted honeycomb seat and leatherette handlebar ensure further comfort and ease for both baby and parents. The luminous ‘Rose Gold Edition’ is here to make an enduring statement, standing out from the crowd.

The 2016 Urbo 2's chrome chassis is narrower and lighter, able to be folded compactly into a super-slim size. Improved front and rear suspension providing extra comfort on any terrain for both baby and parents. Height-adjustable handle to suit both parents. Travel friendly due to a new flip flop friendly foot-brake, a larger mosquito net and larger sleep shade to protect against the elements.

2016 Collection

The 2016 Mamas and Papas Collection has been launched! Now available at

Introducing The Signature, The Rose Gold and The Donna Wilson Special Edition, available on Mamas and Papas iconic strollers, from the Urbo2 to the Armadillo Collection.

Designed and engineered to suit all parents in demand of high quality, simplicity and versatility. For those with a taste for iconic beauties, exquisite phenomenons or those with a passion for natural landscapes and wildlife alongside a playful imagination.

The 2016 Mamas and Papas Collection is compatible with the evolved Cybex Aton 4 Car Seat and entails design upgrades on the chrome chassis, a new colour and fabric range and new season accessories from footmuffs to changing diaper bags.

British Brands

Ickle Bubba

 Chapter 8

8. Belgium

Grand Palance, Belgium


Childwheels D Max Pram

Available at

“We deliver everything but the baby!” - Childwheels

Childwheels are the top selling Belgian brand on Childwheels are innovators, always moving forward and trusted by parents. Childwheels are commited to international safety standards whilst meeting their own.

The Population and Development Review's recent study found that the rate of fraternal twin births has risen significantly in developed countries since the 1970s. This trend has impacted the baby products industry as the demand for advanced double strollers has increased accordingly. Childwheels have met this demand with innovative and safe single, double and multiple strollers.

Best Seller - Childwheels Triplet Pram

Childwheels Triplet Pram

Available at

“Makes my little world complete” – Childwheels

The Childwheels Triplet Pram is the top selling triple stroller on, For good reason! Its a spacious yet compact, ideal for mobility, comfort and flexibility with three children on tow.

Tailor each seat to the individual child with the independently adjustable backrest and footrest. Safety ensure for all, with 5-point belts and fall-out protection on the front seat. Protection from the elements guaranteed with the large, folding and removable canopy. A smooth ride and excellent suspension on all terrains with the lockable and wide front wheels.

2016 Collection

Childwheels's 2016 Collection entails the Triple, Quadruple, Six Seater, Tandem Stretcher and D – Max combi system.

Belgian Brands


 Chapter 9

9. Poland

Krakow, Poland


Bebetto - Luca S Line

Available at

“Comfortably, safely, functionally” - Bebetto

Bebetto are the top selling Polish brand on Bebetto's designs have become immensely popular across Europe in a relatively short period of time.

Bebetto's exquisite strollers are suited for all terrains with extraordinary features across the entire range, ideal for all demands of parents and infants.

Bebetto aims to ensure outstanding 21st century design with safety, durability and functionality. At core is advanced technology blended with extensive experience and skilled engineers creating exceptionally high quality products.

Best Seller - Bebetto Aquarius UL

Bebetto Aquarius UL - Blue

Available at

Parents appreciate the luxurious beauty that is Bebetto's Aquarius UL.,

Crafted to comfort and secure your baby from birth, with the spacious carry cot for stability, security and protection from birth. The Aquarius UL evolves when needed, into a pushchair as your child grows.

Enhance your baby's development with the reversible seat, which expands their world view in the forward position, whilst enhancing communication skills as your baby bonds with you in the parent facing position.

Featuring protection from winter winds and rain with the wind blanket, a multi-adjustable backrest. The cot connects and disconnects from the chassis easily and can rock your baby to sleep when separated from the chassis. The broad and removable canopy ensures good air circulation. Excellent handling and smooth suspension thanks to the swivel and lock front wheels and large rear wheels, suitable for all terrains.

The Aquarius UL has a quick and simple compact folding mechanism for storage and transportation.

2016 Collection

Bebetto's 2016 Collection features the new Flavio, Bresso and Silvia prams. Bebetto's 2016 colour palette ranges from classic to vibrant, to suit to all parents.

 Chapter 10

10. Austria



Jette Jubilee - Sand Beige

Available at

“Happy children, happy parents” - Jette Joop

Jette Kinderwagen are top selling Austrian brand on Founded by Jette Joop, she has utilised her expertise as a designer and experience as a mother in collaboration with the Austrian company, Horn.

Jette's style epitomises of 21st century youth, modernity, creativity and fashion. Jette aims to translate this into original, sleek and exceptional designs, in turn raise the aesthetic standards of the industry. 'Horn' aims for precision engineering and high quality. This crossover of design and engineering enables accessible luxury for all babies and parents.

Jette advocates using Ökotex-approved materials and all models feature UV protection.

Jette upholds rigorous standards, entails a memory foam seat based on aerospace technology, to mould to your child's body to maximise comfort, support and protect their head and neck.

"My creations are for people to have fun, brighten up their everyday lives, yet remain affordable. No more and no less." - Jette Joop

Best Seller - Jette Joel Air

Jette Joel Air

Available at

Jette's Joel Air is a triumphant hit with parents as it is designed to enhance modern lifestyles and adapt as your child develops.

Jette's Joel Air epitomises the how advanced 21st century lightweight combi-prams have become, skilfully blending modern beauty, comfort, versatility, safety and durability.

Entailing excellent adaptability to suit you and your child, such as the handlebar, backrest and footrest. The exceptionally light aluminium frame and air tyres ensure superb handling and smooth suspension. The Joel Air's spacious shopping basket and quick and easy compact folding perfectly suits fast paced urban lifestyles. Suited for all seasons with a removable UV-approved window.

The Joel Air transitions easily into travel system with car seat adapters, such as the Cybex Aton car seats.

2016 Collection

Jette's 2016 Collection entails the new Black and White Special Edition and Flannel Grey Edition.

The 2016 Jette Collection features the new Jeremy, Joel Air, Joker and Jackson strollers which are now available in the new Flannel Grey Edition with new PU air wheel technology.

Available from April 2016 at

Austrian Brands


 Chapter 11

11. Japan


Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Grand Prix Car Seat - Collection 2016

Available at

“Small gift, Big Surprise” - Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty in collaboration with Brevi are the top selling Japanese-Italian brand on Sanrio's underlying philosophy of their creations, is that gifts are a deep expression of our feelings towards each other. For the past 40 years, this motto has been at the core of everything they do to ensures children's smiles.

Sanrio's cult icon, Hello Kitty has collaborated with the renowned Italian baby brand, Brevi. Together they have created a charming and charismatic collection of versatile, durable, comfortable and safe baby products.

Hello Kitty's cute face will ensure bright smiles, as it has done for over 40 years.

Best Seller - Hello Kitty Grillo 2.0

Hello Kitty Grillo 2.0

Available at

The Hello Kitty Grillo 2.0 is a popular delight for children. The [Hello Kitty Grillo 2.0] is great value for money due to being lightweight, multi-adjustable, versatile, comfortable and durable.

The Hello Kitty Grillo 2.0 features the adorable Hello Kitty design, featured also on the included winter footmuff and rain cover. Protection from the elements ensured with the broad cover shielding your child from wind, rain and sun.

The 360 degree front wheels enable smooth handling. The Hello Kitty Grillo 2.0 becomes all terrain capable with the lockable wheels.

The Hello Kitty Grillo 2.0 is super lightweight and compact, weighing just 6kg. Ideal for urban lifestyles, with side grip and quick folding for compact storage and transportation.

2016 Collection

Hello Kitty's 2016 Collection entails the new Diva Special Edition and the Brevi's Grillo 2.0stroller, Convivio high chair, Brevi Koala 2 baby carriers, Hello Kitty Safety Plus NT, Hello Kitty I Max SP, Hello Kitty Racer SP, Hello Kitty Smart Silverline and Hello Kitty Grand Prix car seats.

 Chapter 12

12. France

Paris, France

Red Castle

Red Castle Evolutwin® - Taupe Grey

Available at

"Life. Together" - Red Castle

Red Castle is the top selling French brand on Red Castle tailor advanced products to ensure the highest quality for the overall well-being and needs of your child. The French brand's success is due to prioritising innovation, safety and quality in collaboration with world-class engineering, parents and health specialists, whilst being committed to eco-friendly materials.

Red Castle's products focus on health and safety is to ensure a serene environment for your child to grow securely. Such as the Cocoonababy®, which was initially ergonomically designed for premature babies in neonatal maternity wards, since then the model has evolved to suit full-term babies also. The Cocoonababy® is now popular with thousands of parents, maternity clinics and hospitals.

Red Castle comply with international regulations and take part in regular quality controls and tests by certified independent laboratories. Red Castle's dedication and investment in child safety means that all Red Castle products are free from azo dyes, heavy metals and phthalates.

Best Seller - Red Castle Evolutwin®

Red Castle Evolutwin®

Available at

“Happiness is extendible!” - Red Castle.

The Evolutwin® is an industry first, as it evolves from a single into a double stroller. Ideal for a growing family.

Red Castle's Evolutwin® is a best seller for good reason, it's one of the most lightweight, compact and flexible twin tandems on the market, suitable from birth as it combine with car seats, in turn a vast variety of possible combinations.

The Evolutwin® can be used as a single pram, in case you have one child, and intend to have another close in age or if you have a single child after having twins. The Evolutwin® is multi-positioned, which enables bonding between the babies, babies and you and outside exploration, whilst comfortable and secure.

The Evolutwin® is compatible with the 'Red Castle/Recaro' car seat, the 'RC 2' car seat and the 'Pebble' or 'Cabriofix Maxi-Cosi' car seat, with two easy clicks.

The Evolutwin®'s original chassis retracts in one second, entails a height adjustable handlebar, broad and removable shopping basket, simple and easy compact folding, in turn exceptional comfort and manoeuvrability for parents.

 Chapter 13

13. Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic


Patron Fenix 4 - Ruby Red

Available at

Patron are the top selling Czech brand on Established in 1994 in Melnik, Prague. The region is known for producing high quality baby and rehab equipment. Since 1994, Patron has grown significantly and is now split into two divisions, 'Division REHA' and 'Division BABY', with their own production facilities and have invested in their extensive distribution network to reach over 30 countries.

Division BABY is Czech's largest manufacturer and distributor of baby products. Division REHA is owned by the Czech Republic's major wholesalers and suppliers of specialised medical equipment. Thorough testing is done on all products to ensure the most secure environment and comfort on all outings.

Best Seller - Terix 3 Easytour

alt text

Available at

The Terix 3 Easytour is a best selling three wheeler and all terrain travel system, designed to make life easier from birth. Parents opt for the Terix 3 Easytour due to it's multi-functionality, smooth suspension and light, swivel and lockable air wheels which handle all terrains.

The Amigo Carrycot with PENTEX covers ensures newborns will be comfortable and secure, later on the Ergo Pushchair seat will allow older children to expand their world view. The Terix 3 Easytour's lightweight and robust aluminium 'Lambda-3R' chassis has a slim and compact fold, front swivel wheel, which ensures flexibility, stability and durability simultaneously. The Terix 3 Easytour is compatible with Patron's 'Mimmo Plus' car seat.

2016 Collection

Patron's 2016 Collection includes the new Terix 4, Terix 3 Easytour and Fenix F4 Tour strollers.

Golden Gate Bridge, SF, USA

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