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ABC Design Cobra Plus Pram 3 Wheels black street grey - Collection 2016

ABC Design Cobra Plus Pram 3 Wheels black street grey - Collection 2016
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Quick Overview

The ABC Design Cobra Pram 3 Wheels is the follow-up to the popular ABC Design Rodeo Jogger. Both young parents, and parents who are young at heart, will be just as impressed by the lightness of the aluminium frame, as by its stability; this is owing to its three large air chamber wheels, the front of which can swivel. Numerous other features, such as a brake on the back wheel and a height-adjustable handlebar, make the Cobra an absolute must-have.

But what also makes this pushchair unique is its stable, comfortable carrycot (which can be used from birth) and the comfortable, secure seating which reclines all the way into a horizontal sleeping position. For those of you who want to combine sportiness with elegance, without having to compromise on security, the Cobra is the ideal product!

Product Description

The dream car of many men and women in the 1960s was undoubtedly the British Cobra. A must-have for modern parents - though with a little less power - is the ABC Design Cobra Pram 3 Wheels. Thanks to its stable carrycot and comfortable seating, this pram can be used from your baby’s first day until he or she is ready to walk unaided.

The numerous extras that this sporty pushchair offers are sure to win you over. For starters, its aluminium frame is extremely robust, but also very lightweight. In addition, it’s very easy to fold, and is very compact when folded, meaning it won’t take up a lot of space. The follow-up to the ABC Design Rodeo is a prime example of comfort while on the move, as its frame is comfortably sprung. This means that all uneven surfaces – be they bumpy cobblestones or rough woodland paths – are wonderfully absorbed, so that your baby won’t even notice them.

When it comes to the wheels of the ABC Design Cobra Pram 3 Wheels, you won’t be disappointed. At the rear there are two firm air chamber wheels with integrated brake, which can be taken off if desired. It’s through these two rear wheels that the stability of the frame is increased. A real highlight is the suspended, swivelling and lockable front wheel, which can be easily removed, and which has ball bearings (as do the back wheels). The swivelling nature of the front wheel means the pushchair is extremely mobile, as any obstacles can be swiftly avoided.

In order for you to keep a firm grip on things, the handlebar is coated in a soft and slip-resistant material. The handlebar is also height-adjustable, meaning it can be changed to suit any individual. The large shopping basket underneath the seat is a practical extra, providing storage for all of your essential items, and ensuring you always have both hands free for the important things in life – your baby, for example!

But the ABC Design Cobra Pram 3 Wheels has many more practical features: a stable and comfortable carrycot, a foldable cover, and a warm winter cover. Inside this pram, your baby will feel as secure and happy as it was in mummy’s womb.

Also practical is the carry handle on the cover of the carrycot, with which you can transport the carrycot independent of its frame. The carrycot can, of course, be easily and above all securely attached to the Cobra frame, without the need for an additional adaptor – functionality of the highest kind!

The comfortable seating, which can be used from approx. 6 months of age, is extremely impressive. Not only is it very well padded, it’s also designed to let your child comfortably sleep if they so wish. This is due to its adjustable backrest and footrest, which can be changed into various positions – one of which is a fully reclined, sleeping position. This 180° reclined position helps your baby’s muscles completely relax, and is recommended by orthopaedics.

Because safety comes first when it comes to your child, the ABC Design Cobra Pram 3 Wheels is equipped with an optimal security system. The padded 5-point safety belt, along with the removable, padded safety bar, ensures that your child is always securely fastened into their pushchair, even if the ride gets a little bumpy.

Even protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays has been considered during the development of the Cobra. Its large, folding cover is made of UV-resistant material, so that the sun can’t harm your little one. Furthermore, the cover also protects from wind and light rain, and it contains a ‘peep window’ with magnetic closure, so that you can always keep one eye on your child.

To complete the luxury of the ABC Design Cobra Pram 3 Wheels, there is one other feature: by using an additional adaptor, its frame can be combined with (separately purchased) baby car seats ABC Design Risus, Maxi Cosi "Citi", “Cabrio“, "Pebble", Römer “Baby-Safe plus SHR“ or Cybex “Aton“.

Description special features

  • Follow-up to the ABC Design Rodeo Jogger
  • Robust and very lightweight aluminium frame
  • Easy to fold, doesn't take up much space when stored
  • Convenient frame suspension
  • Back wheel brake
  • Two fixed rear air chamber wheels, can be removed
  • One suspended, swivelling/lockable front air chamber wheel, can be removed
  • All wheels have ball bearings
  • Height-adjustable handlebar, soft and slip-resistant material
  • Stable and comfortably padded carrycot with practical carry handle on the cover, and removable wind cover
  • Comfortable seating attachment
  • Backrest and footrest adjustable in many ways, reclined position possible
  • Padded 5-point safety belt
  • Padded, removable front safety bar
  • Large, folding cover with UV-resistant material
  • Cover with peep window and magnetic fastening system
  • Roomy shopping basket
  • Can also be used in combination with separately purchased baby car seats ABC Design Risus, Maxi Cosi "Citi", “Cabrio“, "Pebble", Römer “Baby-Safe plus SHR“ or Cybex “Aton“, adapter needed
  • Carrycot and seating can be easily attached to the pram frame, and without adapter
  • Can be used from birth until your child outgrows pushchairs altogether

Additional Information

Package Content Aluminium frame, seat, carrycot, canopy, safety bar, shopping basket
Name ABC Design Cobra Plus Pram 3 Wheels black street grey - Collection 2016
Product type Prams
EAN Code 4045875037740
Article number supplier 31245-602+91252-602
Pram Features Adjustable footrest, Height-adjustable handle, Adjustable backrest, Reversible seat, With seat + carrycot
Weight (in kg) Buggy: 10.5 kg
Pram: 11.1 kg
Pram Usage All terrain, Suitable for city areas, Walks, Trips/Travels, Beach, Shopping
Age Suitable from birth up to 15 kg.
Wheel Size Front 27
Wheel Size Back 27
Colour supplier Black/Street
Measurements Lenght: 105 cm x Width 66 cm x Hight 102 - 107 cm
Lying area: Width 32 cm x Lenght 97 cm
Backrest: Width 32 cm x Lenght 51.5 cm
Folded: Lenght 82.5 cm x Width 66 cm x Hight 33 cm
Last product update 2 June 2017

Customer Questions & Answers

Question: Is this product including a carrycot from birth, and a seating for baby over 6 months old?

Yes both are included

0 votes | Helpful - Not Helpful | By on 30/01/2015

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Customer Reviews

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  1.  4 of 4 people found this review helpful
    The best ever pram - the perfect choice!!!

    Review by: Larissa

    This pram is PERFECT. We were initially looking at a more expensive one, until the sales assistant showed us this one. The Cobra has everything: stable, large wheels, which ride along smoothly on every surface. They are swivelling, which is excellent because they turn virtually on the spot, meaning you can get around anything really easily. It's very light, approx 11kg, meaning I have no problems carrying it on my own and loading it into the car. It's user-friendly, but it still has all of the important functions. It has a large net on the bottom, which is easily accessible - very important! One issue I had was that the carrycot is a little shorter as those in other prams - won't it get too cramped too quickly? What I'm thinking now: Our baby is quite big, and still fitted into it until she could sit. At this point children don't want to lay down much anymore anyway, they'd rather see things. So, even at approx 9 months we didn't have this problem, as the carrycot was big enough. The mattress at the bottom is also very soft. We added some lambswool to it during winter. One small criticism: The suspension is not very good when you go over cobbles. But then Bugaboo (for example) is even worse for that. This one has good value for money and looks really smart, especially with the buggy attachment! Anything else is unnecessary and a bit of a rip-off, I think - as ABC proves, you can equip a pram wonderfully, with nothing missing, and still get it for a good price! (Posted on 04/06/2012)

    Do you find this review helpful? Yes No

  2.  2 of 3 people found this review helpful
    Once you know how it works, it's great!!!

    Review by: Rhiannan

    All in all it surprised us! The carrycot and the seat are easy to mount and detatch. Everything is removable and washable. We also like the way the front wheel can be fixed into place, and how this can be controlled from the handlebar rather than from the wheel, as with some models. The instruction manual is somewhat difficult to understand. Although it's written in several different languages and has pictures (if you need them), the instructions themselves jump from one thing to another, so that you do find the parts pictured, but only after a lot of searching. This means you need a lot of patience when you fold the pram for the first time, because the instructions won't help. What's missing is the tip to push the handlebar together with a jolt. Otherwise, it won't fold. When you know how it works, it's great! (Posted on 07/06/2011)

    Do you find this review helpful? Yes No

  3.  1 of 1 people found this review helpful
    My daughter seems to like it

    Review by: Ann

    Although in the description and on the picture I see air wheels, the pram i got from this page, didn't have. They seem more like from foam rubber. Without air wheels is the robust frame is the pram hostile for my hands. Otherwise is the pram easy to handle. Perfect for travelling with a bit smaller car - don't take much room in the luggage room. The frame is very durable. Haven't seen so roomy shopping basket on a 3-wheeler before. I find the seating attachment to the frame the best. With one click you can turn the all world around. (Posted on 12/11/2014)

    Do you find this review helpful? Yes No

  4.  1 of 1 people found this review helpful
    Good quality!

    Review by: Christine

    I am happy for this stroller.It is very maneuverable and lightweight.Very simple folding mechanism. I especially like the sport stroller, the child can see either the mother or towards the road. We bought an extra sun canopy and I'm happy because the baby is hidden from the sun and wind. The big wheels will pass any obstacle, we use the stroller on the snowy roads and the beach it was very easy. Maybe not so gently carriage rides, but it has more pluses than minuses. (Posted on 01/11/2013)

    Do you find this review helpful? Yes No

  5. TOP, best ever pram, the best choice ever!!!

    Review by: Larissa

    This pram is PERFECT. We were fixated on this expensive one at first, until a sales assistant showed us this one. The Cobra has it all: Stable, large wheels that roll really smoothly on any surface. They swivel, and we almost always have them set that way; it's great because they almost turn on the spot, so you can get about very easily. It is very light, 11kg or so, so I can carry it with me anywhere, and pack it in the car when I need to. It is user-friendly, so easy, and it comes with plenty of functions. It has a large net underneath that is easy to get to - also important! The disadvantages are as follows: The cot is a bit shorter than those of other prams - will it not get too tight too quickly? What I think now: Our little one is quite big, but fit into it until she was able to sit upright by herself. By this time, children don't want to lie down anymore, anyway - they want to see the world. That's at around 9 months or so. So this wasn't actually a problem at all, as the carrycot was indeed big enough. The mattress inside it is also very soft. We put lambs wool underneath it during the winter. One small issue: The suspension is not too great when you're going over cobblestones. But the suspension on the Bugaboo, for instance, is even worse. This is good value for money, and I think it look good - especially the buggy seat attachment! Everything else is unnecessary and a rip off, I think- as ABC proves, you can equip a pram perfectly, without anything missing, and still not have to overprice it! (Posted on 06/03/2014)

    Do you find this review helpful? Yes No

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