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3 Wheelers Joggers

3 Wheelers Joggers

3 Wheelers also called joggers are designed for health-conscious parents. Thanks to their three large wheels, these buggies are perfect for use at high speeds as well as gentle running. Hand-operated brakes and a five-point belt system with belt pads make them safe even for very fast rides. Good quality three-wheelerd have adjustable handlebars, to ensure your run is as comfortable as possible. Often, these buggies allow for a one-handed drive as well.

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Last Modified: 20 July 2018

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1. The sports version of the pram

Jogging, quick walks, being out and about on different terrain - not every pram is up to this in the same way. For all active parents who want to work out whilst taking their child for a walk, there is a specialist: the 3 three wheeler jogger. This type of pram offers special features that make it particularly suitable for its task. These include large wheels, handbrakes on the pram handle and a high-quality 5-point harness.

Jogger Dreiradwagen

2. The right time to buy

3 three wheeler joggers are available in very different versions: some offer the functionality of pram, so newborns can lie flat,other versions are purely for sitting up, and yet others feature adjustable seat units suitable for children from six months onwards. That's why the 3 three wheeler jogger can even be used as main pram for use from birth.

3. The Differences

Before you as a sports enthusiast with child opt for a 3 three wheeler jogger, you should first answer an important question: will the pram really be used for jogging or are you more likely to be walking energetically? Every 3 three wheeler jogger is suitable for energetic walking, but to use a 3 three wheeler jogger for jogging, it needs to meet certain criteria. For example, it needs to be particularly sturdy, agile, safe, and have good suspension to cope with the greater speeds, running over forest paths and the higher risk of falling.

4. The Advantages at a Glance

A good 3 three wheeler jogger is designed in such a way that it can meet the needs of both the jogging parent and the child in the pushchair. This requires certain components which a true 3 three wheeler jogger should have.

The wheels: Thanks to the three wheels, this pushchair version is particularly agile. The wheels need to be larger and more sturdy than with a normal pushchair. Often, 3 three wheeler joggers also feature air tyres as these perform particularly well for jogging.

The chassis: The chassis needs to be extra sturdy to stand up to the higher level of stress. A good suspension ensures that the child can lie down or sit comfortably during the tour. The smaller the child you are transporting in the pushchair, the more important the suspension. Plus the whole chassis is constructed in such a way that the pushchair is very stable and less likely to tip over.

Features: Most 3 three wheeler joggers feature a height adjustable handle. This is important to prevent backache and muscle strain.

5. Check List: Things to Look Out For When Buying

There is an enormous choice of 3 three wheeler joggers on offer. But if you think ahead and consider which requirements you want the pushchair to meet, you can make your decision much easier. The following aspects are important, in addition to factors such as favourite colours or design styles.

Weight and folded size: Due to the special construction, 3 three wheeler joggers are usually heavier and larger than other pushchairs. So if you drive to the start of your jogging round, you definitely need to check if the pushchair will fit into the boot of your car.

Accessories: This includes UV protection, leg cover, footmuff etc. You should check if the accessories included meet your requirements.

Functionality: Many 3 three wheeler joggers feature integrated drinks holders for parents and child. Some also have playing tables for the child and shelves with closable compartments for the parents, so they can store their keys and other items safely.

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