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Teutonia Lambskin Footmuff 6120 stone beige

Teutonia Lambskin Footmuff 6120 stone beige
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Quick Overview

The Teutonia lambskin footmuff not only keeps nice and warm; it regulates body temperature in a natural way. The high-quality Merino lambskin is vegetable tanned, and this high-quality footmuff was made entirely in Germany. Your baby receives outstanding protection in this footmuff, where they will lie snug as a bug.

Product Description

There’s nothing better than snuggling into a soft, warm footmuff when it’s cold outside. The Teutonia lambskin footmuff is an extremely high quality product that meets the highest standards in terms of quality and handling.

The inside of the footmuff is made from high-quality, Merino lambskin which has been vegetable tanned. This material is not only natural, but free from harmful substances. This is extremely important when it comes to protecting your baby, whose sensitivity to external influences is still very high. The footmuff was made exclusively in Germany, so you can rely on the high German standards of production.

The outer material of the Teutonia lambskin footmuff is waterproof. That means your child remains protected against light rain, and can sit or lie nice and dry. In addition, its fur is protected against moisture. This combination of warming fur and insulation ensures an optimal body temperature for your child, and this is all achieved in a natural way. There is even an extra sheet that has been infused with natural essential oils to prevent dust mites and bed bugs from growing.

The Teutonia lambskin footmuff will attach firmly into your buggy thanks to the loops on its top part. You can give some additional support by using your buggy’s 5-point belt, too. The belt simply gets fed through the slits in the footmuff, making it easy to fasten as normal. The belt slits come in three different heights, so you can adapt the footmuff to your child as they grow. Should your child be too warm, you can remove part of the footmuff so that only the bottom part of it is in use. This leaves a soft, snuggly seat liner for them to relax on.

Description special features

  • Inside: High-quality, vegetable-tanned Merino lambs wool
  • Natural and free from harmful substances
  • Made in Germany
  • Waterproof from the outside
  • Optimal warmth insulation
  • Natural temperature regulation
  • Prevents dust mites and bed bugs from gathering thanks to extra sheet with natural, essential oils
  • Prevents bacteria and bad odours from spreading
  • Slits for 5-point belt
  • Seat liner

Additional Information

Package Content Footmuff
Name Teutonia Lambskin Footmuff 6120 stone beige
Product type Pram accessories
EAN Code 04038685241032
Article number supplier 1990823
Colour Beige
Colour supplier Stone 6120
Last product update 8 November 2017

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