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Teutonia Air Pump

Teutonia Air Pump
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Quick Overview

There’s nothing more annoying than getting a flat tyre. Thankfully the Teutonia air pump was created to stop you from having to deal with this issue. It works on all valves on Teutonia air tyres, and can also be used on other manufacturers’ tyres.

Product Description

There’s nothing more annoying than getting a flat pram or buggy tyre when you’re out with your baby. Thankfully, the Teutonia air pump was invented so you can rectify this problem yourself. This air pump is so handy that it can easily be stored in your pram, ready anytime you need it.

The Teutonia air pump fits onto all valves on the Teutonia air tyres, but it can also be used on prams and buggies by other manufacturers. The Teutonia air pump lets you quickly re-fill your tyres with air while on the move, so you won’t end up damaging your pram’s wheels.

Description special features

  • Small air pump
  • Handy and compact for storage
  • Suitable for all air tyres on Teutonia prams
  • Universal; can also be used for other prams with air tyres

Additional Information

Package Content Air Pump
Name Teutonia Air Pump
Product type Pram accessories
EAN Code 4038685203429
Article number supplier F60152900999900
Colour Black
Last product update 23 May 2016

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