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Teutonia Prams + Strollers

- For over 65 years the brand Teutonia stands for security, comfort and quality. This quality-orientated company produces high quality prams, that are comfortable for the children and are comfortable and effortless to push by the parents through daily life with children.

Price from 82.80 € - 1,074.00 €
Last Modified: 15 October 2016
Stock / Time to Dispatch
  1. On stock(23)
  2. 2-4 weeks(1934)
  3. Include Out of Stock
Pram Usage
  1. All terrain(740)
  2. Suitable for city areas(1604)
  3. Walks(636)
  4. Trips/Travels(1572)
  5. Shopping(1604)
Pram All Terrrain
  1. Yes(740)
  2. No(864)
Pram Number of seats
  1. One(1604)
  1. Range: 16.00 € - 1,074.00 €
High Chair Features
  1. Adjustable back rest(1)
  2. Adjustable foot rest(1)
Changing Bag Pattern/Design
  1. Trendy(36)
Changing Bag Fastener type
  1. Velcro(11)
  2. Zipper(25)
Changing Bag incl. Stroller straps
  1. No(36)