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Silver Cross

Silver Cross Prams

Silver Cross was established in 1877, when William Wilson completed his first product in his workshop on Silver Cross Street, Leeds. Since then, all products made by Silver Cross meet the criteria that William Wilson set for himself all of those years ago: Quality without compromise; high-quality craftsmanship; practical design. Or, as the Silver Cross motto goes: “There’s no secret to making the world’s finest prams – just take 130 years of experience and add the finest materials. The rest is easy.”

Price from 249.00 € - 1,099.00 €
Last Modified: 8 November 2017
  1. Combi Prams (30)
  2. Buggies (10)
  3. Pram Accessories (3)
  4. Car Seats (2)
Product type
  1. Prams(40)
  2. Pram accessories(1)
  3. Car Seats(1)
  4. Car seat accessories(3)
Stock / Time to Dispatch
  1. 1 week(15)
  2. 1-2 weeks(28)
  3. Include Out of Stock
Pram Features
  1. Height-adjustable handle(34)
  2. Adjustable backrest(40)
Pram Usage
  1. All terrain(12)
  2. Suitable for city areas(40)
  3. Walks(30)
  4. Trips/Travels(40)
  5. Shopping(40)
Pram All Terrrain
  1. Yes(12)
  2. No(28)
Pram Number of seats
  1. One(40)
  1. -
Clear Brands
  1. 4moms(23)
  2. 7 AM Enfant(19)
  3. ABC Design(213)
  4. Anex(55)
  5. BabaSling(11)
  6. Baby Jogger(258)
  7. Silver Cross(45)
  8. + see more
Car Seat Child's weight
  1. 0-13 kg(1)
Car Seat Group
  1. Group 0+ 0 13 kg(1)
  1. No(1)
Car Seat Adapts to growing child
  1. No(1)
Car Seat direction
  1. Backward-facing(1)
Car seat Attachment to vehicle
  1. Isofix Base(1)
  2. Safety belt(1)