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Safety First 1st Easy Booster Booster Seat red dot red - Collection 2016

Safety First 1st Easy Booster Booster Seat red dot red - Collection 2016
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Quick Overview

The Safety First 1st Easy Booster booster seat is the ideal product for anyone looking for an alternative to a high chair. This booster seat can be taken with you on holidays, or attached onto a dining chair at home.

Product Description

If your child wants to sit with you at the dinner table but you don’t want to put them in a high chair, or if you’re looking for a compact alternative to take on trips with you, then the Safety First 1st Easy Booster booster seat is your ideal solution. This booster seat is high enough for your child to sit at the table with the rest of the family.

The Safety First 1st Easy Booster booster seat is simply placed onto any common chair. It comes with a belt system to ensure nothing slips out of place, and so there are no accidents. The belt is simply fixed onto the chair when in use, and thanks to the loops and adjustable straps this couldn’t be easier to do. Two straps are for keeping the seat on the chair, and third belts in your child to prevent them from falling off the chair (if they’re still young and/or small). This safety is achieved here through a 3-point belt.

The underside of the Safety First 1st Easy Booster booster seat has a rubber coating to prevent your chair from getting any scratches. Not only does your chair remain protected from scratches, but the rubber prevents the booster seat from slipping off the chair should your child start moving back and fro on it. The extra, slip-resistant feet on the underside give the seat even more stability.

If you’ve got more than one of these practical booster seats, you can simply stack them and leave them to one side until further use. Should you have visitors, for instance, and their children aren’t sitting at the table with you, this will stop you from having to move the chairs themselves around all the time. Simply remove the booster seats and place them to one side. As its upper surface can be wiped clean, you can clean the booster seat with a damp cloth whenever necessary.

Description special features

  • Booster seat
  • Quick and easy to attach onto chair
  • Can be stacked; saves space
  • Wipeable upper surface
  • Rubber underside for good support and hold on the chair, and to prevent damage
  • Fits onto the common dining table chairs
  • 3-point belt
  • Belt system for attachment onto chair
  • Slip-resistant feet
  • Perfect for travel

Additional Information

Name Safety First 1st Easy Booster Booster Seat red dot red - Collection 2016
Product type High Chairs
EAN Code 3220660231911
Article number supplier 85028820
Package Content Booster seat, 3-point belt
Colour Red
Colour supplier Red Dot
Measurements Length 70 cm x Width 60 cm x Height 85 cm
High Chair Features Portable
Weight (in kg) 1 kg
Age Suitable from 6 months up to 15 kg.

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