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Knorrtoys Swinging Animal emil + Music - Collection 2018

Knorrtoys Swinging Animal emil + Music - Collection 2018
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Quick Overview

Is your baby still too small for a real rocking horse? That’s no reason for them to miss out. The Knorr swinging toy + music offers the same kind of fun for the smallest of babies. This detail-rich swinging animal comes with a high degree of safety, and is simply beautiful. A cuddly toy on runners!

Product Description

Children love being swung. Babies, for example, love being cradled and rocked in their mum or dad’s arms. Even older children love this similar sensation. The Knorr swinging toy + music is an easy way for your child to enjoy this swinging motion, and in a way appropriate to their age – both in terms of the toy’s structure, and in its safety aspects.

The Knorr swinging toy + music is a soft, sweet, cuddly toy on runners. The cute, large head of this swinging toy, and the numerous, lovingly crafted details, will simply astound your child. Integrated into this plush toy is a child-friendly seat surface with a softly padded backrest. Here your child can sit safely and comfortably – even when they’re rocking wildly back and forth. The two wooden handles ensure your child always has something to hold onto. The runners are designed in such a way that makes it extremely difficult for the toy to tip over forwards. For the feet there are two wide foot rests built onto the runners, so that your child’s feet can’t get caught underneath the runners.

But the Knorr swinging toy + music can do so much more than simply swing back and forth: For one, it makes wonderful noises thanks to the integrated sound effects. Secondly, the Knorr swinging toy + music encourages your child to role-play. With it, your child can imagine themselves riding off into faraway lands, or ending up at the circus. And of course, a swinging toy such as this one needs to be fed and brushed! Similarly, if it gets ill, it’s time to get the doctor’s bag out. Once your child has nursed their swinging animal friend back to health, the two of them can carry on their adventures together.

Description special features

  • Swinging toy
  • Type: Toy for young babies
  • Unisex
  • Soft fur
  • Detail-rich
  • Wooden runners
  • Handles to hold onto
  • Wide footrests
  • Incl. sound effects
  • Helps create even weight balance
  • Encourages role play activities

Additional Information

Package Content Swinging toy
Name Knorrtoys Swinging Animal emil + Music - Collection 2018
Product type Doll Stroller accessories
EAN Code 4049491404825
Article number supplier 40482
Colour Brown
Colour supplier Emil
Measurements Length 61 cm x Width 35 cm x Height 49 cm
Height of backrest 41 cm
Last product update 13 December 2017

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