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Easywalker Mosey Footmuff berlin grey

Easywalker Mosey Footmuff berlin grey
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Quick Overview

The Easywalker Mosey Footmuff keeps your child warm even in cooler or really cold temperatures. The footmuff is specially designed for the shape of the buggy seat, so it fits perfectly. The harness straps are easily accessible so you can still strap your child in safely even in winter.

Product Description

Now your chid can be cosy and warm even in the cold time of the year, thanks to the Easywalker Mosey Footmuff. From autumn to spring, this footmuff is a great companion on any trip. Children who don't move around will quickly get cold. As the footmuff is perfectly designed for the shape of the seat unit, it's easy to add to the buggy or remove when not needed – your child can go to the nursery with the footmuff on in the morning, and to the playground with the footmuff off in the afternoon.

Thanks to its shape, the Easywalker Mosey Footmuff is the perfect fit. It won't slip around on the seat or drag on the wheels. The harness straps can be used as always. Strapping your child in is as easy in winter as in summer.

The colourful Easywalker Mosey Footmuff adds a special touch to the buggy.

Description special features

  • Pretty, warm footmuff
  • Fits perfectly on the Easywalker Mosey
  • Won't slip out of place or slide around
  • Numerous openings for harness straps for easy strapping in

Additional Information

Name Easywalker Mosey Footmuff berlin grey
Product type Pram accessories
EAN Code 8717755286222
Article number supplier EMO10060
Package Content Footmuff
Colour Grey
Colour supplier Berlin Grey
Measurements Suitable for use with Mosey Buggy.

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