Stylish New 2017 Collection From Hauck

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Look no further, parents, the Hauck 2017 Collection has arrived! And true to form, these are 'real life' prams suited to your everyday needs.

Watch out for the new 'Plus' Trio Sets. These all-in-one sets will be your loyal companions from day one and are flexible, adaptable, and effortless to handle. A real match made in heaven!

And let's not forget the Vegas Buggy and Duett 2 Tandem Pram, which promise to be hot contenders for your heart.

Whether you're attracted to the lightweight design of the Vegas, the clever tricks of the Duett 2, or the versatility of the 'Plus' Trio Sets, Hauck has something for everyone.

So, without further ado, let's find out more about the prams...

The 'Plus' Trio Sets

For a lot of Hauck Trio Sets there is now a separately available ISOFIX base that can be attached to the frame. All, conveniently, have 'Plus' in the name so that you know exactly what you're looking for. This 'Plus' equals an easier, securer way to attach travel sets to your pram frame.

But before we delve deeper, let's remind ourselves about the ISOFIX feature...

ISOFIX stands for International Standards Organisation FIX, and is a practical addition to the new Hauck 2017 Collection.

The Zero Plus Comfort Car Seats that are included in the Trio Sets will slot easily into the ISOFIX base. These bases are easy to work with and almost completely rules out the possibility of installing the attachments incorrectly.

Pretty great, huh?

Look out for the ISOFIX base, coming soon to!

The Atlantic Plus Lacrosse Trio Set Pram

This is the new and improved Hauck Lacrosse!

There are chic designs to choose from, including the striking 'tango' red pictured below.

And this isn't the only aspect where you're spoilt for choice. Your baby can sit facing you or the world around them - which is great for when your baby wants to see the ducks on your favourite riverside walk!

The accompanying CARRYCOT means that this pram can be your companion from day one, as this allows your baby to lie down.

The CAR SEAT is compatible with the separately available ISOFIX base, and the one-handed locking mechanism can be easily transferred from pram chassis to vehicle - handy if you're trying not to wake your snoozing baby.

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Like the sound of this pram? Think it might be your perfect match? Check it out HERE, to find out more.

The Rapid Plus 4 Trio Set Miami 4 Travel System

The Rapid Plus 4 follows on from the Miami 4 Trio Set, and is a real care-free pram that aims to make your life as easy as possible.

With an innovative folding mechanism, you can unlock and fold this pram in a matter of seconds, making this the must-have pram for all you public transport goers out there.

On top of this, the front wheels spin 360 degrees, can be locked and has shock absorbing suspension, meaning that the Rapid Plus 4 will laugh in the face of those uneven footpaths on that forest stroll you love so much!

The accompanying CARRYCOT means that this pram can be your companion from day one, as this allows your baby to lie down.

The CAR SEAT is compatible with the separately available ISOFIX base, and the breathable and softly padded material will further encourage your baby to stay sound asleep as you transition them from pram to car.

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Is this the pram of your dreams? Click HERE to find out more. Go on, I know you want to.

Can't get enough of the 'Plus' Trio Sets? Why not take a look at the other 'Plus' options:

The Vegas Spirit Buggy

Did you love the Spirit Buggy? If your answer is yes, then the Vegas may just be the pram for you.

This is a buggy that follows the latest trends, offering colours in a stylish grey and embodying the epitome of elegance.

It is designed with your baby in mind, and is made from rich, high-quality fabrics to ensure the optimum comfort for your little one. And let's not forget the extendable canopy and back and foot rests that can be adjusted quickly and easily so that your baby can get cosy whilst he sleeps.

And if that wasn't enough, there is an accomanying VEGAS ADAPTOR that allows the Zero Plus Comfort CAR SEAT to attach to your pram. Ideal for parents with busy lifestyles who need to move around quickly.

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Has this pram captured your attention? Make sure you go and check it out HERE.

The Duett 2 Tandem Pram

Listen up parents of two! If you like a clever pram, then the Duett 2 Tandem Pram is one to watch out for.

It's flexible, allowing you to remove the second seat if you're only going out with one child. This will make the pram lighter for your trip into town and, more importantly, give you room for all those shopping bags.

The wheel guards ensure that the older sibling in the bottom seat can't get those curious little fingers anywhere near the wheels whilst you're out and about. Safety is key for Hauck!

And the accompanying CARRYCOT can be converted into a sports seat which has a multi-adjustable back and foot rest so that you can whizz around the park with your baby knowing that he's sitting in complete comfort.

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Like the sound of the new Hauck Collection 2017? We sure do. All of the prams above are available here at, why don't you go and satisfy your curiosity? Check them out now!